Some encouraging comments from visitors to the site:

  • You were one of the first heart “friends” I found online many years ago. Which then led me to other heart “friends”. I don’t know what I would have done without you and your ministry during those early days of dealing with CHD. You have been such a blessing to me and so many others and I pray that you have the opportunity and ability to continue your ministry for as long as your heart allows you!


  • You’ve been such a blessing to our family throughout these years. Your e-mail always contain such hope and gratefulness for the life you have been given by God. May God continue to bless your wonderful ministry.


  • Oh, dearest David, WE THANK YOU for your ministry, for your faithfulness to serve others when your flesh and very heart are failing. God has truly been glorified THIS and every day since you gave your life to the Savior, and in your testimony to His goodness, mercy sovereignty. You are a precious living example of God’s LOVE.


  • I also was reading some of the messages on your page and just really was helped by them. I just finished the one called Blown it! and it just made me cry because I am just really struggling with my emotions and the verses and explanations just felt like they were written for me. …Thanks for writing that and sharing it there. I feel just a little lighter and a little more hopeful than I was a few minutes ago.


  • I found your site helpful for people like me who has just lost a loved one from cardiac arrest. I feel so lonely and hopeless these past few days. My sister who had a heart ailment died four days ago from heart ailments and other complications. …. It’s good I found your site. Thank you.


  • Pastor David and Joanna I thank God for your ministry to so many families who struggle with Heart problems and just needing support in their walk with God…the many prayers you send are not in vain but God see your heart and I believe he will bless you for your faithfulness…Thank you again for your prayers for my family…God is my comfort always.


  • Thank you for encouraging us and for sharing your strength with us and for honoring God in your life work.


  • I don’t think you even realise how important 2hearts is to so many people!   …  I always know that when I have a spiritual need, you’ll be there for me. Thanks so much!  I’m so proud to a part of 2hearts and appreciate all that you do for so many people!


  • Thank you Lord for people such as David McFarland who took strength in his affliction and has provided this sanctuary for others in need….. For the first time in 3 months I am beginning to feel at peace with this operation.


  • Although we face cardiac issues on a different level, I feel as though our good Lord has brought you to me to help encourage me to glorify Him through our son’s situation.  I always get excited to receive an email or a message from you!  They seem to always be exactly what I need to lift up those spirits.


  • Your words have touched us deeply. After I read it and began to praise the Lord, my daughter read it out loud to all of us again. We all shed tears as God truly has used you to touch our hearts with truth. We are so honored that you have chosen to write back to us and to pray for our family.

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