FAQs and how to join

Is 2hearts free?

Yes, absolutely. Everything is provided at no cost and with no obligation.

We do not appeal online for financial support. The service will continue as long as God gives grace, health and resources. Any request for finance that appears to come from 2hearts will be fraudulent and should be reported to me immediately.


Can I have a page on 2hearts?

Yes you can. Contact 2hearts and introduce yourself. We will be in touch with you at our earliest convenience.

2hearts reserves the right to accept or reject applications or to remove pages if necessary.


What do you offer on my page?

In the past 2hearts offered pages to many. In fact more than 70 individuals and families had pages on 2hearts and I attempted to keep as many as possible updated with the latest information by searching web sites such as Carepages. Things have changed. I can no longer commit the time to do what I once did. And Carepages is closing so I no longer have a simple source of information.

But I will still offer a page giving a brief introduction, adding contact details and a prominent link to your web site or blog where you do the updating.  If you have no other possible means of updating online, I will consider keeping updates on your 2hearts page if you give me the information

If you wish to keep your email address hidden, you can have all email contact channeled through 2hearts.

The first year or two of this new format will be an opportunity for me and for you to test its benefits and I reserve the right to stop new individual pages if I have to.


What questions do you ask of me?

Although 2hearts is a distinctly Christian ministry it is open to people of all faiths and none.

In the past I took requests for prayer and pages on 2hearts at face value. However in the past some “sick” individuals pretended  that they had ill family members and fabricated stories that left a lot of people hurt. To have a page on 2hearts I will need you to assure me that you are genuine and may ask you for some proof of identity or a recommendation from someone else already on 2hearts. I hope you understand the reason for this.


Can I have my page removed from 2hearts?

Yes at any time. If I have anything on 2hearts relating to you that you would prefer me to remove, let me know and it will be done right away.


What about the privacy of children?

Children are added to 2hearts only at the request of or with the permission of the families concerned. It is normally our policy not to publish family names or to give home details that could identify where they live. Photographs of children will be published only with the family’s permission.


Do you offer financial support?

No. We are not a fundraising organisation, so we cannot normally help with financial support. 2hearts is a one man operation by someone who is not employed due to heart illness.


Is it safe?

2hearts is extremely careful about internet security. I will send you no attachments without first informing you, so if an email with an attachment arrives using a 2hearts address do not open it but contact me first. No other person has permission to contact you on any matter representing 2hearts. Please notify me immediately if you have any concerns.


What about emails?

In times of emergency, we may send emails to everyone in the 2hearts family, asking for urgent prayer. This could mean you receiving numerous emails at such times.

We will attempt to keep in touch with you on anniversaries and birthdays and at when some important information about the site. Your email addresses will not be shared with any data user.


Read testimonials by the 2hearts family


Contact David if you are considering joining 2hearts


What we ask of you

2hearts family

We ask you to see yourself as part of a family. As you are able, try to contact others on 2hearts who need support.  If you discover some important relevant news about another 2hearts family member, please let us know.

Use the Tags to see other individuals with similar medical. You might be able to help and encourage them.

Contact details

Please notify us of any changes to your email address. If we cannot contact you for over one year, we may remove your page until we can confirm that you still need support.


We ask you to advise us of any errors on your page or any changes you wish to be made such as more a recent photo or new medical information.


Please spread the news about 2hearts by providing a link on your web site or blog or recommending us to others.


Sadly there are those who use sites like mine for their own perverse purposes. Please notify us of anyone using 2hearts to target you in any way that is offensive or hurtful. A few people get some kind of perverse satisfaction out of making fake stories about sick children. In 2006 there were a number of such around the world. 2hearts has not been immune to that fraud. I want this site to be open to all in need and that leaves us vulnerable. It can also lead to suspicions which I wish to avoid. Please, if you become suspicious of any story on 2hearts, before sharing your suspicions with others, contact me. I may know more than is obvious on the 2hearts page or you might help me to see a fake story that I had not noticed.

Thank you and welcome to 2hearts


Contact David if you are considering joining 2hearts