Another link is broken

The words of this poem are taken from a very old book in my possession. Author unknown

A poem for bereaved

“With Christ which is far better.”  Phil. 1:23

Another link is broken,
Another soul at rest
“Within the veil” in glory
Now dwells among the blest;
Where weariness and weakness
And death shall be no more.
Where only welcome waits us
With loved ones gone before.

Another voice is swelling
The glad triumphant song.
Another soul is standing
Among the blood-washed throng,
Where endless praise ascendeth
To Him who once was slain;
Where those who love the Saviour
With Him one day shall reign.

Another link to bind us
To yonder shining land,
Our hearts are oft-times yearning
To join the ransomed band,
Where tears and sighs and sorrow
For aye shall flee away,
And night shall change to morning,
To pure and perfect day.

Another soul has finished
The pilgrim path below,
No more to see but dimly
But “face to face” to know:
Where mysteries have vanished,
God’s hidden dealings plain,
Where all earth’s loss is over
In heaven’s Eternal gain.