2hearts pages

Are you or have you been previously on 2hearts?

It will take time to add all the pages previously on 2hearts, edit or remove those no longer in contact and ensure I have fairly represented the 2hearts community. Any information you can provide will be of great help.

Would you like to have a page on 2hearts?

Contact me and introduce yourself. I will be in touch with you at my earliest convenience.

Note that: 2hearts reserves the right to accept or reject applications or to remove pages if necessary.

Although 2hearts is a distinctly Christian ministry it is open to people of all faiths and none.


What I need for your page?

A brief introduction, a medical summary of your heart issues, email contact details and a link to your web site or blog where you do the updating.  You will not be able to update this page without sending me any changes you want made.

If you have no other possible means of updating online, I will consider keeping updates on your 2hearts page if you give me the information’

If you wish to keep your email address hidden, you can have all email contact with you channeled through 2hearts.


What questions do you ask of me?

In the past I took requests for prayer and pages on 2hearts at face value. However in the past some “sick” individuals pretended  that they had ill family members and fabricated stories that left a lot of people hurt. To have a page on 2hearts I will need you to assure me that you are genuine and may ask you for some proof of identity or a recommendation from someone else already on 2hearts. I hope you understand the reason for this.

Contact me on david@2hearts.org




  • Thank you Lord for people such as David McFarland who took strength in his affliction and has provided this sanctuary for others in need….. For the first time in 3 months I am beginning to feel at peace with this operation.


  • Pastor David, your web site has absolutely touched my heart in a big way, with all of these heartwarming stories. and even the sad ones, that remind us all, just how precious this life on earth is. The stories on 2hearts, has allowed others to reach out and offer support to each other. …..


  • Thank you so much for your prayer requests and updates and especially your words of encouragement. I told my husband today that you are so gifted and always know exactly what to say & when. I have benefited more from you and your site than from any other heart family. Although we face cardiac issues on a different level, I feel as though our good Lord has brought you to me to help encourage me to glorify Him through our son’s situation. I always get excited to receive an email or a message from you! They seem to always be exactly what I need to hear.


  • Thank you for this wonderful site. The stories of so many of the posters have given me strength. They have all faced the same risk of losing their child that I face and God has given me hope through their experiences.


  • This site appears to be a good spiritual refuge for people with heart problems, and I have to say….i’ve found what I was looking for here.


  • BRAVO! I don’t good speak English, but i try to gratulate you for this 2hearts site. I have be 3 time heart operation, and i understand how is it important to have a technical, a amical , but also a spiritual support.