2hearts spiritual support for heart illness

Spiritual support for heart illness

Pastor David is from Ireland. He is waiting for a heart transplant. He prays for and offers spiritual support to all who face the trauma of heart transplant or any other major heart illness.
  • Are you suffering from heart failure and facing the daunting prospect of a heart transplant or other major heart surgery?
  • Do you have a child ill with Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome, HLHS, heart defect, CHD, congenital heart defect?
  • Has your health failed? Have you had a heart attack? Do you need bypass surgery?
  • Is someone dear to you needing open heart surgery, norwood, glenn, fontan?
  • Are there complications?  are you waiting too long?   afraid of the risk?  suffering depression?  troubled by rejection ?
  • Have you a major heart illness and need encouragement and prayer support? Are you struggling with your faith?
  • Are you too ill to receive a second heart or major cardiac surgery?
  • Has your loved one not survived heart failure? Has your child not survived surgery?
  • Did someone you loved donate a heart for transplant? Are you considering organ donation?

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Another 2hearts?

It has come to my notice that another organisation has taken the name 2hearts for its non-profit agency and is using a very similar web address. It offers a wonderful support to teens and families coping with CHD issues. However I wish to make it clear that 2hearts has no association with this new organisation and the two should not be confused. The primary purpose of the original 2hearts is to offer spiritual support to all who face the trauma of heart illness. 2hearts will always be independent and does not ask online for financial support.

A recent message to 2hearts:

I know I do not leave a message very often.. but I remember the day I was beginning to let worldly worries settle in after K....'s transplant. I went to the internet to search for "medical advice" and your website address popped up.. God was telling me..."It is not medical answers you need to calm your fears but ME the LORD".. Thank you for all the love and compassion and spiritual guidance you give through your website.

Love in Christ Forever
C and K - USA
Sending you hugs!!!!!!!!!!

Latest on 2hearts

In memory of Bob Pitcock

Bob Pitcock

A very special friend from Magnolia, Texas passed away on 29th August. Bob had lived with a transplanted heart for 24 years. He was a tremendous friend to me, to the 2hearts family and to heart patients around the world. We send our love and prayers to Darlene and the whole family.

He heals the brokenhearted and binds up their wounds. Psalm 147:3 

Please pray for Riley's family


Riley passed away 12th May
Read more>>

Please pray for Grace

Grace with her husband and grandson

Grace, a member of our church in Moira, Northern Ireland has required heart surgery. Please pray. read more>>>

Please pray for Lucia


Lucia has had to return to Italy where she had life-saving surgery 10 years ago. She had surgery on Jan 17, is home again and has returned to school. Please continue to pray for her.

Follow this link to read


Pray for Kathy

Please pray for Kathy who had major heart surgery on Thursday 31st Feb. in USA for omnus coronary of the artery.

Kathy has a page here on 2hearts though it is still under construction.

Kathy is Aunt to Anna on 2hearts.

Rebecca Rose
Rebecca Rose

Pray for Rebecca who is just over 3 months old (2011) and was waiting for a heart transplant but has has been officially downgraded on the transplant list. 
Rebecca's page


Some personal thoughts on The Shack

The Shack

Many hurting 2hearts friends have sought help in The Shack, the recent phenomenal best seller. Many people have stated that this book has helped them through major traumas in life, and have recommended it to their friends. Because I am concerned that my hurting friends receive spiritual support and because I have a desire to see God glorified in our hurts, I feel compelled to offer this contribution.
Please read on >>>>>
(pdf file in new window)

David's interview

A friend in ministry invited David to share his story of God's grace in his life on video. Follow this link to view



Think Heart

Click the image to download the poster

Luke in N Ireland

Luke M on his second birthday
Luke on his second birthday
with big brother Joshua

Luke's page on 2hearts

New Book from
Lynda Young

New Book

Latest book in the
You Are Not Alone book series Link

British Heart Foundation

Pulse Oximetery Campaign

Join the campaign to save lives in UK.

A simple, quick, painless and cheap test taking just a few minutes alongside other existing newborn checks.

Sign the petition ********

In memory of Kristin


Kristin's page

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