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June 2014

Mengmeng now has a lovely little sister called Taotao – a wonderful gift to Minxia and her husband.

“Mengmeng loves her younger sister very much. Now Mengmeng is ok. During the past time, we tried our best to keep her well. We also took her to go to see the doctor to see whether she could have an operation, but the answer is still “no. we hope there will be a chance for Mengmeng to get an operation.

Mengmeng is a student in Grade Three now. Her school work is all right though she leaves for her health sometimes. After school she still sticks to study, playing electronic organ and painting. Love and hugs to you. Keep in touch.



Feb 2009

Dear David,

It is very pleasure to hear from you. Thanks a lot for your call and your so nice wishes.

Now Meng Meng grows more lovely. What make me joy is she is a understanding and kind girl though she is not veryvery nice. With growing up she learns a lot. She likes to draw, sing ,play and watch cartoon. For her heart I have not sent her went to kindgarden. She just go to a children center to study drawing and playing electronic organ. She enjoy these. Hope she will be happy all of this year.

I am very worried for you when I know the bad weather in Ireland. So you must must be take care for yourself. I think you are so kind and warmed so many people God must bless you.

Happy every day for you all.

Big and warm hug from your Chinese naughty princess. Prayers for all of friends and you.




November 2008

Dear David,

It is very pleasure for us to hear from you. Thank you very much for your greeting. we are well now.

In fact, we went to Beijing in Oct and stayed there for nearly two weeks. You see it just meet our national holiday, so we stayed there for so long time. We took MengMeng to have a simple excamine. And after 2weeks later, the doctor told us that it is very sorrow that Mengmeng was still not fit to do operation. We are also very sad and despaired for this, but we also will never give up struggle for her life and we also hope and pray that medicine and science could develop quickly so that Mengmeng can have a long and wonderful life.

After come back from Beijing ,Mengmneg have a sick again and it took her nearly 2 weeks to comeback and even stayed in hospital for 4 days. Now she is ok! You can see her happy smile and listen her nice laugh.

That`s all my busy and fully October. Hope you have a nice October. How about you now?

Please say hello to all of friends. Love and hugs to you all from your little Eastern Princess and me.




September 2008

Dear David,

Hello. I am very sorry that I have not written to you for so long time. How about you recently? Hope you are well. We are all well. We have just live through the hot summer and enjoy the happy of the Olympics Game. The Olympics make this summer more wonderful. Did you enjoy it? At the same time, when the summer was coming, I can’t help thing about the summer in 2006 and the help from you and all of our friends for Meng Meng. I can never forget it.

Before end of my holiday, I took MengMeng to see the sea. She is very happy but she still dare not go to the sea. It is very funny for her. I attached some her photo. You will see she grows up and become a little girl.

As a four years old girl, Mengmeng knows a lot then before and become more intelligent. I am happy that she likes reading book. And now she like to cut paper as the book write. She enjoy it . So I keep all of her opus so that she could always finds and show them. I feel happy for Meng Meng is so happy.

Last week MengMeng caught a cold and have a fever one day. Then she have a heavy cough. Now after transfusion, she is well. Before this summer holiday we planed to take MengMeng to Beijing to check again. But due to the Olympics it is not very easy to Beijing. So we plan to Beijing during the holiday of this National Day, from 28 september to 5 Octomber. Prays there will be good news.

Ok ,that’s all about Meng Meng and ue. Hope you are also happy everyday. Big hug and warm wishes to you from your little friend and me.




May 4, 2008

Dear David,

During these days, I contacted with some parents whoes child also have heart sick. From them I know some message about the hospital where there is a doctor has said he can do the kind of operation which Meng Meng needs. These messages seemed that this hospital is not so good as people said past. So it puzzled me. I did not know how to choose for Meng Meng or where I should choose for her. Well, of course now I will still get more and more messages and to pick up something to save her calmly.

Happy everyday for you.



April 2008

Dear David,

All of us are well. Though for my poor English I did not always look at the web of 2hearts, I do my best to look at it in order to know more about recent information of our friends and you. I like the change of it . It looks more clare and in order.

Recently I tried to contact someone that maybe help Meng Meng. There is not encourage news. While I get know a doctor who works in Anzhen Hospital in Beijing. Someone told me that maybe he could do the operate for Meng Meng. I contacted him at once. Doctor Li told me that he thought he could and advised me to take Meng Meng to their hospital to be taken for check. The check will help him to know whether Meng Meng can be do the operating by him on earth.So if it is possible, maybe this summer holiday we would go to Beijing to make sure it. Hope there will be good news for Meng Meng. And during these time before my holiday I will still look for some other way.

Now Meng Meng grows more lovely. Her face expression become more abundanc. She like play game with the adult. For her health, we did not take her to go to the kindgarden to aviod that she get ill. So though other children at the same age with Meng Meng in our community have gone to kindgarden, Meng Meng still stay at home with my mother. In funny day we will take her outside to play with other children. However she can learn a lot at home. She can know nearly about 80-90 Chinese word, can count the number above 30 and can draw as she like. In a word she is happy. And I am comfortable and pride for her.

Pray for all of you everyday. Greetings from your little friend and me to you and our friends.




December 2008

Dear David,

I am very sorry that I have not written to you for so long time.How about you recently? Hope your everything is well. At just this time, I received your email. It is very pleasure for me .

During this time I do a lot for Meng Meng, while as the result it is nothing. It seemed abjective. But recently I get know a mother who also have a heartsick kid. Her child could not be saved by surgeon when she found her baby has heavey heartsick. Now she took her child to be checked again and was told that her child can do surgeon. It is very encourage for me. I think Meng Meng is growing up and it means that the God still give me a chance to keep this lovely life. I should never give up. I will go on ,no, it should be restart again to struggle for the chance for Meng Meng. Did you think so?

Now Meng Meng grows more naughty. She knows a lot and can express her idea clearly. She also askes a lot of questions ,some of which I really did not know how to answer. You say ,the child grows, more trouble is coming. Well , it is a happy and funny trouble for a mother. I enjoy it . Everyday it is pleasure for me when I thought of this lovely and naughty girl.

As you said, though we did not write to each other, well , there is still each other in our heart. It let me feel more warm when I think of this in the winter. I think you have more friends than me, so you will more warm and happy. All of friends always pray each other. Especially at Christmas.

Merry Christmas and Happy new year to you , your familly and all of our friends. Wish our dream will come to be true.

By a way, it is very pleasure to write to you. I hope I will tell you more good news in new year.

Big hugs from your naughty friend.




June 15, 2007

I have been corresponding with Meng Meng’s family over recent months and trying to help them find a surgeon willing and able to operate on this little girl who has a very serious and complicated heart defect.

Meng Meng’s mother has been told that there is only one Doctor with the skills to operate on her daughter. He is Dr Frank Hanley in Stanford University Hospital USA. A Christian charity called Chinese Agape Foundation Inc. has very kindly promised to provide Air fares etc and accommodation for Meng Meng and her Mum in USA but are unable to pay the high surgery costs of U$150,000. Please pray for all involved so that somehow it might be possible to have the costs reduced to allow Meng Meng to get the help she urgently needs.


November 2006

David writes:

I have been in regular touch over recent months with Mingxia in an effort to get help for Meng Meng. It seems surgery might be possible in China but it is expensive. However some of my friends have very kindly offered to help with expenses.

But some important decisions have been necessary. The family wanted to evaluate the risks of surgery and have been taking advice from a prominent Doctor in USA. He says surgery is dependent on the pressure in the colatteral beds being at a satisfactory level but this measurement cannot be made in China. I am not sure if this reading was taken in Australia and if that was why they did not proceed with surgery there.

There is a possibility that this Doctor could be in China next year and the family wonder if he could come and operate on Meng Meng. The other possibility is to find a charity that would take her to the USA or Europe.

Now we must consider carefully the next step. Please pray with us for wisdom and for God to intervene and show us what is best. Thank you for praying.


August 21, 2006

I just come back with Meng Meng from Melbourne. Last week after the necessary check for Meng Merng,the doctor in Royal Children Hospital sail that mainly due to the lung with high pressure and pulmonary artery straitness they decide do nothing for Meng Meng. So we have to come back from Australia last Friday.

And at the same time, one of our friends introduced us a very famous doctor in Beijing. But due to the hurry time before we went to Melbourne ,we have not enough time to see this doctor with Meng Meng at first. So after we come back ,we took Meng Meng to Beinjing to see this doctor who is the best in China at once. Today after he saw the CD of the check with Meng Meng in Melbourne, he told us that he can do the operation for Meng Meng.

And fortunately a specialist doctor in north Australia will come to his hospital on 31th Aug. If we would like to do the operation for Meng Meng ,the Australia specialist can associate with this Chinese specialist to do this operation for MengMeng in person. And this is just the best chance for Meng Men to do the operation—- before then she is too young to do operation, lost this valuable chance she will be too old to do operation and will never. So we really want to watch this uncommon chance to save MengMeng. However in fact for the travel to Australia we have spend off all of we save and borrowed a lot of money from our relative. It is very difficult for us to safe so much money just for the first operation with Meng Meng in so hurry time. The doctor said it need at least about 80,000 RMB at the first operation and she need at least two-time operation, it is about 160,000 RMB in all.

We do not want lose this very important and precious chance for Meng Meng, we are trying our best to get the money for Meng Meng.

Warmest hug from your little naughty friend and me . Pray for you and all of our friends.




July 30

Now I am very glad to tell you a good news that Margaret have agree to our request so that we will arrive in Melbourne at 6:00 on 3th. It means Meng Meng will be done surgeon soon. It is very excited and nervous for us. We are preparing for the nearly travel. Hope everything goes smoothly and all of our friends can share with this good news.

Take care. I will go on praying for you all.

Love ,



July 27

Dear David,

In fact last week I took her to see the doctor again to make sure whether she was really well to travel. The doctor said Meng Meng was well enough to do so. I am very happy to hear this and to tell you. So we can prepare for the new flight whenever necessary once I got the new message from Australia. Yesterday I contacted with them her for this by email. It seemed that the new travel is near. Wish everything goes smoothly this times. Once we have new message I will tell you at once.

How about you recently? Praying for you and all of our friends. Wish every one of them is well.

Thank you very much for your understand and encourage for us. Warm hug to you from me and little Meng Meng. Have a good day for you .




July 17


I am very sorry not to write to you in time.

In fact last three weeks Meng Meng was ill so that she was in the hospital for two weeks till last Monday. At first she had a fever for five days then we had to let her in the hospital .And the doctor checked out she got pneumonia. I think it most possible due to the fitment with many chymistry materials in the hospital at that time. Though she have been out of the hospital, she have a caugh sometime. So I am very worried about wheterh she can bare this travel and whether the surgeon will go as plan. Then I contact with Children First Foundation at once. Margaret said after she contact with the doctor in Australia, the doctor think it had better postpone the flight and MengMeng should recover at least two weeks for this condition. Therefore we can’t fly to Australia now. When we could fly to there, Margaret will inform me as she got the new surgery date from the doctor.

Due to our visa will mature on 22th Sep, I think it is maybe we travel to Australia before this date. Hope everything is well for you all. Have a good day.




July 5, 2006

Today Meng Meng is more better than yesterday. But she still have a cough sometimes. Hope it will be well soon and will not influence our travel. Once there are some news for Meng Meng , I will contact with you quickly.

By a way, this little naughty kid always said : ”come ,let me have a hug”

to me with opening her arms to me. It is very lovely and interesting. So give you a Meng Meng`s hug.:) Have a good day.

With love,



July 4, 2006

Dear David,

I am very glad to hear from you now. Thank you very much for your care and praying . We are still at home now. Though we have order the flight ticket on 19th July from Guangzhou airport to Australia, there are some trouble for us at this moment. In fact two weeks ago Meng Meng had a fever for 5 days so that we had to took her in the hospital. Then the doctor said that she had got pneumonia. For this she was still in the hospital now. Today she still have cough. So you see, I am very worried about that if she did not well before 17 th this mouth it is very possible that we lose this treasurable chance for Meng Meng. Just now we took her back from hospital and let her go to bed. Tomorrow she will go on to go to the hospital to be treated.

Whatever we will try our best to take care for little Meng Meng and to do the surgery for her soon.

How about you recently? Wish everything of you is well. Take care for you. Praying for you and all of our friends.




May 16, 2006

I hope I can tell you a good news for Meng Meng in my letter. Now, I really can!

Today I finally get know by email from Australia that the surgeon said it is maybe that Meng Meng can be operated about in July not before as he will be away. So if everything is smooth ,we should fly there before the end of June. Meng Meng should be have a Catherter at first. They will send the paper work to me in this two days so that I can apply for the Visa soon.

Really hope this news bring some delight to you. I have seen the update timely for Meng Meng. Thanks a million. More new friends joined our big family. Look forward to that we all can turn our dream to be true. Please say thank you very much to all of our friends who are still thinking of Meng Meng.

Have a wonderful day.




March 25, 2006

Dear David,

I am very sorry not write to you for so long time. During this time, we were still waiting for the message from Children First Fundation in Austrualia. But now I can tell you the good news for Meng Meng—- They have agreed to accept Meng Meng to do the heart surgery in Austrualia. We are preparing for applying for the visa. Hope it will be success this time for Meng Meng . We must do our best to have this chance for Meng Meng. Hope I could send a better message to you in a few days.

Anyway thanks a million for your warmhearted and self-giving help for so long time. it is lucky for Meng Meng and us to get know you.

Wish you everything is well. Have a good weekend.




February 04, 2006

Meng Meng’s family believe the best option for her is to have surgery outside Chine. At the moment they are awaiting a response from Doctors in Australia. Please pray for this to be positive.