Meng Meng from Dalian, China

Joined 2hearts September 2005

Birth year 2004


Her Mum is called Li Mingxia
contact her through David

Medical information:

Congenital heart disease, Pulmonary atresia with ventricular septal defect, Aortopulmonary collaterals, Pulmonary arteries unify and severe hypoplasia.

This is the plea for help from Meng  Meng’s mother on September 30, 2005.

I am a mother of a girl with congenital heart disease in Dalian Liaoying China. My daughter “Meng Meng” is just one year old now. She had grown up well until she got high fever when she was eight months old. Then we found out she had CHD in the pediatrics hospital of Dalian. So we took her to Beijing for further examinations.

There is no effective operational therapy as far as current Chinese medical service is concerned. If operation is not applied in time, our child Mengmeng (nickname) will live no more than three or four years old. The only possible cure is to apply cardiopulmonary transplant, which is no doubt unaffordable for our meager income, for I am a middle school teacher with poor salary and my husband is a army man with low wage. After paying for utilities such as rent, water, gas and electricity, the money left seems very limited in Dalian, a city with a high level of consumption. We haven’t my own house,so we can’t collateral loan with the house. We have not much money.Therefore we want to find some organisations that would operate on Meng Meng to cure. And It had better to be gratis or lessen the fee on treatment.We know that the younger the child is, the better prognosis will be after the operation. Now Mengmeng is one year old. So we are seeking for effective therapy from foreign countries in order to save our daughter’s life and give her a complete life. We expect your prestigious organisation can grant Mengmeng a chance of resurrection, considering the specific state of her illness. If you know some information that could help Meng Meng, inform me please. My family and I are looking forward to your answer, and we would appreciate very much for your help.

Over the years I have tried to contact doctors who might be able to help this little girl. She even was taken to Australia for surgery but it turned out that surgery was not possible. It was hoped that an American surgeon might help but again that failed to materialise.Meanwhile we prayed for Meng Meng and God has been good. She is growing and developing well. This link takes you to a new tab showing something of the history of our communications.