Luke from N Ireland

Medical condition:

Juxtaductal aortic coarctation (paraductal) – Severe;
Aortic arch hypoplas (tublar) Moderate
VSD – large, high muscular.


July 20, 2011

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Luke’s story

Luke’s parents are very dear friends of ours and have been supporters of 2hearts from its beginning in 2002. In 2011 their new-born son was home for a week and apparently doing well until, without warning, his Mum noticed he had gone a strange colour. An urgent visit to the Doctor turned their lives up-side down as Luke was rushed first to one hospital, then to the main Childrens’ hospital in Belfast. There he was diagnosed as requiring immediate surgery. But that surgery could only be performed in Birmingham, England. Luke was airlifted to the hospital there and quickly given life-saving open heart surgery to correct coartation of the aorta and a hole in his heart.

Luke is now six years old, doing well and a delight to all who meet him. Please continue to pray for this family.