Lucia from Bucharest


Lucia’s Story

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31st July 2002


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Medical information:

dextrocardia, transposition of the great arteries, ASD,VSD. pulmonary stenosis


The story:

This message below was posted on the Heart and Coeur English Forum on 12th August 2003

I am a Romanian mother who has two little girls, one is 3 years old and the other, LUCIA is one year. Lucia was born with situs inversus, transposition of the great arteries, tricuspid atresia , atrial septal defect, ventricular septal defect and with all this disease is a miracle she lives, God knows how.

I want to know that it is anybody to help Lucia to live. She needs very urgently an operation outside of Romania because here we don’t have medical equipment and financial support. If there is someone who knows about a non-governmental organization or other form and wants to help us, please let me know .

thank you

This message was read in Ireland; David contacted a Charity in England; They advised contact with Italy; Italian Doctors contacted the family and surgery was done in Italy in January 2004..

April 2014

Lucia has been in touch on Skype and looks wonderful. She has recently returned to school. She and her family are very grateful for all your love and prayers. Please continue to pray that she will make good progress and gain strength.

Feb 7th 2014

Lucia and her Mum and Dad arrived home on Sunday morning, having driven without a break all the way from Pisa. They were exhausted but over the week have been recovering. Lucia visited a local doctor to have stitches removed from her thigh from where some artery/vein was taken for her heart. I spoke briefly with Lucia – she has learned a few phrases to say thank you to all who prayed for her. She and her family are so very grateful. Lucia was able to walk a little in the snow yesterday. She still has pain but each day is improving.

24th January

“I spoke with Lucia’s mother in Italy and she told me today that the doctors took away some tube, a great one because they put Lucia to sleep, and in the evening the nurses took away some fine tubes from Lucia’s body. Lucia was crying a little because it hurts, but overall she is fine . My sister told me there are children less ill than Lucia and they are not so hopeful and courageous as her. We thank God for that and for all our friends who were praying for that. She’s a beautiful girl!” Elena, Lucia’s Aunt.

Wonderful news – don’t you think? Thank you so much for your perseverance in prayer for my Romanian princess. She even sent me a couple of “selfies!”




18th January


Lucia had surgery yesterday and had complicatins requiring a return to theatre in the evening. Please pray for her during the next few critical days. Thank you.


1st January 2014

I have just spoken to Lucia’s family and Lucia herself. She needs to return to Italy this week for further surgery. I ask you to join with me in praying for her and her family and for the medical team that will care for her. Pray for a successful outcome for Lucia. When I have more details I will share with you.