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Psalm 33:20

Our soul waits for the LORD; He is our help and our shield.

Today Oct 28, 2017, Halle sent me this video to put on this page. What an amazing girl testifying to an amazing God!

And this is her singing Mt Story in her church.


Halle’s Mum had a remarkable Carepage of updates. Their story beautifully illustrated the blessing of how faith in the Lord Jesus sustains in trial and wonderfully underlines the power of prayer.

It is with their permission that I have this page on 2hearts. Since Carepages is about to close I use this post from 2003 as an example.


Posted Dec 22, 2003 

Halle and I went to Ann Arbor today to pick up her meds. It’s funny how these trips affect me. I look forward to going, but then when I get there the emotions overwhelm me sometimes. Kind of like a moth drawn to a flame. I want to go, but then the memories hurt. The halls are haunted by sweet, smiling faces of the babies and parents that aren’t there anymore.

I ran into some of Halle’s friends (nurses, techs, social worker) and walked away crying from talking about her heart buddies. As her social worker put it, “it’s been a bad couple of months and Halle and you have seen most of it.” I wish I could wave a magic wand and change everything. I wish that all of the babies were like Halle. I remember driving down to Ann Arbor after reading that Ella Hoagland wasn’t doing well and saying to myself that it wasn’t possible. None of the ones we knew would die. It just couldn’t happen to one of us. How wrong I was. It could happen to any of us.

Her social worker told me they just lost a 15 year old hypoplast. She was swimming and her heart failed. You know- Dallas (Amy’s son) just asked me this morning if the doctors were all done fixing Halle’s heart. What could I say? No her heart is never going to be fixed? She’s always going to have half of a heart? She’s always going to be at risk of heart failure? I just told him that they weren’t done working on it yet, but she is fine for now.

Fine for now…this is what we should focus on. None of us really know how long we are going to be able to spend with our kids. Her social worker also mentioned a perfectly healthy boy killed in a car accident on the way to go Christmas shopping. I’ve read many places to spend each day as if there were no tomorrow and I would have to agree. I have been blessed with a situation that caused me to re-evaluate my life, and my relationship with God. He has blessed me with a constant reminder to turn to Him and have faith and appreciate all life has to offer. “All” includes the sad times, the bad times, the pain. When we feel these, we also feel God’s closeness. I guess that’s why I’m drawn to Ann Arbor, like a moth to flame.

I told her social worker, that if Halle were to pass away tomorrow, I think it would still “be well with my soul.” She has already done so much for me and many others. She’s been happy. I would thank God for sharing her with me for this time and for letting me get to know her. And then I would probably cry and cry and cry.

Please keep our friends in your prayers. Especially through this difficult first holiday season with empty arms.

God’s answers are wiser than our prayers;



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