Disappointment Road

A meditation by David McFarland on the events on the Road to Emmaus in Luke 24:13-35.


The night was long. The sleepless hours were filled with a deepening disappointment. “We thought He should have ….”  A voice suggested, “A walk might help,” and we found ourselves walking towards Emmaus. We trudged along that dusty path, kicking sand over our hopes and dreams, when quite unexpectedly Jesus drew alongside. Yes, Jesus Himself! Not an angel; not one of our dear friends who so often came to encourage us with a word from the Lord. Jesus was there with us; He did not make us change direction but walked beside us down Disappointment Road. And in the way only He can, He gently rebuked our lack of faith and began to open what we had closed.

He opened the Scriptures to us and we saw the whole story was His story. He showed us the big picture. The pain of disappointment had made us focus on what we had lost but He showed us how everything that happened was planned, so that He might be glorified.

We had not recognised him but He opened our eyes to see Him as we had never seen Him before. Tears of disappointment had clouded our vision but He wiped them away and showed us Himself – the risen, victorious Lord.

He opened our hearts.  Hearts that felt numb and cold through disappointment, He made bright with faith. He made our hearts glow with worship of Him and he made them burn with a warmth that wanted others to know of Him.

Are you disappointed? Your focus is on your loss; your vision is darkened; your heart is numb and cold? Take a walk – go towards Emmaus and listen for the footsteps of the Saviour coming near. Welcome Him to walk with you; listen to Him and soon you too will be on the way back out of Disappointment Road.